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Safe and Powerful


Experience the future of automation with Mars Autonomous Mobile Robots

Mars Robots are designed to be efficient, safe, and reliable solutions for material handling and transportation needs. Equipped with advanced technology and built with high-quality materials, our AMRs can optimize your workflow while ensuring a safe and secure work environment.

User friendly interface

Effortlessly control and manage your AMR fleet with our user-friendly interface. 

Low maintenance costs

Our autonomous vehicles minimize maintenance requirements and ensure maximum uptime.


You can connect to your AMR from anywhere and control its movements and tasks remotely.

3D Simulation Software

With virtual simulations, we can test and refine the AMR process without the need for physical prototypes or testing facilities.

Optimize your logistics workflows

Mars Fleet enables you to control your fleet of AMRs from a central point. All of this helps you optimize workflows and compete better. 


We have partners worldwide

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