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P1000 - P3000
Stacking Robot

Introducing our Stacking AMR, the P1000. This model is equipped with natural navigation capabilities, ensuring precise positioning even in dynamic environments. 

Adjustable Forks

Its adaptable fork width allows for versatile handling, catering to various load sizes with ease. Safety is paramount, with built-in features ensuring a secure operational environment.


Compatible with all Load Carriers

Euro Pallet

Industrial Pallet

Euro Half Pallet

Boxes / Trays

Custom Load Carriers

1.4 m

Lifting Height

Our Stacking AMR comes equipped with adjustable forks, revolutionizing material handling. Versatile and adaptable, it effortlessly accommodates various load sizes and shapes, optimizing space utilization and minimizing downtime. 


1.8 m/s

Max Speed

It can carry loads up to 3000 kg and moves at speeds of up to 1.8 m/s, allowing for swift transport within your facility.

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